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Discover the Music  Within You

We offer private piano lessons, voice lessons, sight-reading lessons and music theory lessons online,  in our studio locations (Los Angeles & Orlando) and in your home - for children and adults, beginners to professional musicians. 


Whether for fun or work, audition prep or fine-tuning your next performance, our expert music teachers can help you build your technique and discover the  pure  JOY of the creative process.  

We are a select group of independent, highly qualified, accomplished, and vetted professional voice and piano teachers who have worked in our various specialties for many years, and are experienced in teaching all levels of performance and musicianship.   


Our seasoned and award-winning consortium of music instructors not only hold collegiate music degrees, but are also well-known in their fields as professional musicians and mentors with proven records of excellence, having guided the paths of many successful artists.

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Why Choose Us?

We know that not all students are alike, and no two people necessarily have the same musical goals.  We take the time to get to know YOU and what you want to achieve, and plan a path to help you reach those goals in a way that fits your schedule, your skill level, and your expectations, with ample encouragement every step of the way. 

We are NOT like other music teaching studios. 

Let us tell you why...

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What People Say

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"Under Dr. Avakian’s   mentorship , I have had the honor of receiving multiple of the highest superior ratings in the Junior Festival across many years of learning. This has allowed me to bring a different perspective to repertoire as a soloist and orchestral musician.  It is truly amazing to work with her, and having this opportunity has allowed me to completely change and improve my approach to piano repertoire."

—  Nolan Brown

"Suzanne Lukather understands the complete singer. Because of her extensive professional life as a performer and teacher, she has the ability to teach her students to be artists and not just singers. She creates a positive learning environment for the beginning through the advanced student and truly gets results when other teachers only go through the motions." 

 — Rhonda Carlson,
International Performing Arts Clinician


"Shannon is incredible and soooooo patient! Highly recommended for anyone who is searching for instruction in voice. I signed up for lessons initially to improve my speaking voice as I spent a lot of time speaking and found I could barely talk at the end of the day. I cannot even begin to explain how much the lessons have helped me. Not only do I have more control over my voice and feel much more confident, but I've learned to carry a tune. My voice continues to develop and I couldn't be happier. "

— Michelle M., Cerritos, CA

"Barbara Dyer sees each of her students as individuals, and recognizes that they each have a different level of confidence, physical abilities, and emotional needs.  I would – and have – highly recommended her to any singer, whatever their level, because she is capable of assessing where they are, asking where they want to go with their singing, and then helping them to get there."

—  Delpha Flad, Los Angeles, CA

"My son had taken music lessons in the past and the teacher's lesson plan was so slow that my son quickly got bored and dropped out. Not with Richard. He is intuitive when it comes to how quickly his students can absorb and pushes my son to do achieve his potential. In three months my son is playing with both hands, playing songs and practicing without being told. Any student would enjoy having Richard as a teacher. He is an excellent musician with the ability to share his passion."

—  Robyn E. Palos Verdes, CA

"I cannot recommend Lori enough! She has helped me to refine my technique and go beyond just singing notes on the page. As a young professional, Lori has helped me to grow as an artist in both musical theatre and classical realms. Lori is a teacher who will meet you where you're at and build you up in a supportive and positive environment. Her professional experience is very valuable when it comes to learning about the modern-day music industry.  Lori is a wonderful teacher who is knowledgeable about a wide variety of musical styles, competitions, and audition techniques.  Thank you, Lori!!”

​—Megan Masson, classical voice major, 2020 graduate Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles

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