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Diana Walker-Neve

Voice Teacher

Classical | Opera | Musical Theatre

Online Only

A Bit About Diana

Welcome to the Voice Studio of Diana Walker-Neve. My commitment is to provide personalized, outstanding vocal instruction and performance coaching. I draw from a lifetime of experience, performing in Opera, Music Theatre, Concert, as guest on a soap opera, with dance companies, in film, television, and on award winning recordings.


My philosophy of singing is to free the voice which is naturally yours. You want to sing your best, and to do that, you need a basic understanding of how to sing. For instance, you'll want to know how to breathe for singing, to support the voice with that breath, to form clear, pure vowels, so that the sound is resonant, free and focused, extend your range and match the quality throughout, and release all tension from your throat, jaw, tongue, etc. You will discover your true voice, your unique timbre and quality. It is essential to do so, because only in that will you be free to express yourself through the music.


During my long career as a singer, I have studied the Alexander Technique, Pilates, Body Mapping, etc. I use these wonderful tools in my studio to help release tension, and to assist you in correcting any posture and alignment issues. After all, the body is your instrument. I do not teach a particular method, but rather, I tailor each lesson to the needs of the particular student. Don't limit yourself - the best rap and jazz dancers I know have spent time at ballet class; great vocal technique provides a solid foundation for whatever style you sing. While most of my students are classical and musical theatre singers, I've had Pop and R&B singers who won't study with anyone else! For advanced students and professionals, we will fine tune things like legato, phrase nuances, language specifics, and perhaps zero-in on what might not be working, and make the changes for optimum quality of sound and expression. That's Artistry!


When I made my debut at New York City Opera, many years ago, the New York Times wrote: "Her bright coloratura voice is pleasing and well trained..." I credit my training as singer and performer to many wonderful coaches, conductors, and directors with whom I have been privileged to work. But I dedicate my studio to my beloved voice teacher at the Conservatory of Music in Kansas City, the late Martha Longmire. She was truly an artist teacher, who passed on to me a great tradition of singing, a wealth of vocal wisdom, which I continue to pass along. (Click here to listen to Diana’s singing demo.)


Before I began teaching officially, many of my fellow colleagues would come to me for advice when they were in vocal difficulty. I have had students sing on Broadway, in Las Vegas, as well as with opera companies in the United States and Europe. I have assisted high school students get into universities, and college students get started on a career. But I take equal delight in teaching those for whom singing is a hobby. I believe learning to sing well is a fulfilling and joyful journey for all. Listen to my CD samples and you will hear that I practice what I teach! Clear, free, natural and expressive singing.


I look forward to helping you achieve your personal singing goals. Masterclasses in performance technique are part of the benefits of my studio. These I offer free every few months. Developing a character through the music, developing stage "charisma," conquering stage fright, as well as particulars of musical phrasing, and of classical and music theatre style. Having sung in more languages than I can remember, I also am a diction coach for German, French, Italian, and Latin.



I received my Bachelor and Master Degrees in Voice Performance with honors, from the University of Missouri-Kansas City Conservatory of Music, at ages 20 and 22 (I left High School early). I also studied theatre, violin, and dance. Then I was off to Juilliard and the Opera Training Program. Two years later I won second place in The International American Music Competition at Carnegie Hall. I was then "discovered" and my long and varied career began. You can learn more at

About Diana
Diana's Vocal Demo
young woman standing on stage, singing


"She is a Miracle Worker - I was directing a musical and my leading lady was having vocal problems. I was afraid she would lose her voice before opening night. I brought her to Diana, who immediately knew what was wrong and was quickly able to help my singer change it. She came to the show with a great voice, but after a couple of lessons with Diana, her voice improved dramatically! The entire cast noticed the difference."


—Becky Henrickson



"I had a Bachelor's Degree in Voice Performance, but I was very confused and my voice was not working well. It didn't take long to realize I had found the Master Teacher. She didn't just teach me the song, Diana taught me how to sing. I am now working on my Master's degree. She is the best kept secret around!!"


—Kirstan Thomas



"I knew I was in vocal trouble, and thought there was something physically wrong with my voice. I am so grateful I was able to work with Diana, she saved my life and my voice. It was amazing!"

—Dacia Gray


"You cannot know how much it has meant to take lessons from Diana. So many dreams are put on hold, I am so fortunate to take my '5-year-old self' off the shelf and give her a voice."


—Mary Lamb


"In the last few years I had almost given up singing. My voice would consistently become gravelly and sound tired after only a few minutes. Then I found Diana. Her method of teaching has helped me to learn to sing with the proper technique to overcome this issue. Now, after only a few months of lessons, my voice has become much stronger and clearer. I know that as I continue studying with her this struggle will become a thing of the past. Thanks Diana for all of your help!"


—Joseph Erickson

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