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Piano Lessons

We offer private piano lessons for beginning, intermediate, and advanced level piano students.  Our teaching focuses on the fundamentals of musicianship - learning to read music, rhythm, ear training and piano performance technique - while keeping the lessons upbeat and FUN! 


Students stay motivated to practice and come bounding into their lessons with enthusiasm because they know they are going to enjoy the lesson, and because they see and hear the progress they make each week.  We encourage our students to experiment with all styles of music - classical, pop, rock, jazz, musical theater, blues - whatever they are into.  We are always game for trying new repertoire, and enjoy learning new pieces, too!

We have piano teachers in Los Angeles, Westwood, Beverly Hills, Pasadena, Cerritos and in Sunland (Tujunga).  We also offer piano lessons in your home* and online worldwide.  

*Teachers who provide in-home lessons:  Dr. Gayane Avakian and Richard Berman

piano lessons for adults

Whether you are a beginner or someone who has played for a while but gotten out of practice and just needs to brush up on your technique, we can help.  We meet students where they are, find out what your goals are and help you reach them.  No two students are alike, and that makes teaching our students so much more rewarding.  We love to help students express their own creativity and help them find that musical spark that makes them want to sit down at the end of a long day and play piano to unwind or to entertain friends and family.  There are so many reasons to enjoy playing piano.  Let us help you discover that joy for yourself!

young woman playing piano
  • Learn to enjoy playing for personal pleasure or for public performance.

  • Learn to read music and improve your aural skills.

  • Enhance your performance skills, build self-confidence, and express your inner creativity.

  • Learn phrasing techniques, expressiveness, and finesse in your playing.

  • Build your repertoire from music of all styles and historical periods.

  • Learn to play by ear, improvise, and create your own compositions.

  • Learn to accompany yourself or others when singing.

Piano Lessons for Kids

piano lessons for kids

female teacher with young boy at piano keyboard

Most children are ready to begin piano lessons at around age 5, but some may arrive at this stage a bit earlier or a bit later.  The main things we look for are :

  • Attention span that allows them to focus for at least 30 minutes (and we are experts at keeping little ones engaged in the learning process).

  • Finger strength sufficient to press down the keys of a piano or keyboard with weighted keys (not the typical electric keyboard with no resistance to the keys)

  • Knowledge of numbers and alphabet letters

piano lessons for teens

It's not uncommon to see students who begin playing the piano as kids, then lose interest or get too busy to practice and drift away from it, only to return as teenagers and rediscover their love of the instrument under the instruction of our teachers, who know how to engage their creative and intuitive energies and refocus them in a way that ignites that desire to play again.

The piano teachers at Lori Moran Music are some of the best you'll find anywhere in the world - not only as performers - but also as teachers who know how to guide students in ways that will keep them engaged in the learning process.  We tailor lessons to suit each student's needs and interests, and keep lessons fresh, fun and rewarding.  Performance and competition opportunities are offered regularly and students are encouraged to participate.  

female teacher and student at piano lesson

music theory & musicianship

If you're serious about music, you need to understand and master the fundamental concepts of music theory and build your own musical language. Through a personalized approach, our music theory teachers will help you put these theories into practice every day, learning to read, write, and truly hear the elements of music like never before.


An understanding of music theory will support you in all of your musical endeavors, eventually making the application of advanced topics much easier.

hand holding pencil writing music on manusript paper

​Learn to:

  • Read and write musical notation

  • Identify and label lines & spaces in different clefs

  • Understand major and minor scales 

  • Identify major and minor key signatures

  • Understand the Circle of Fifths

  • Read and play various meters and rhythms

  • Play notes on a piano keyboard

  • Develop your aural sense for identifying intervals & chords (ear training)

  • Analyze melodies, harmonies, and song structure

  • Use scales, intervals, and chord building

  • Write melodies, harmony, and your own complete compositions

  • Identify and apply melodic elements, such as motif, melodic phrasing, repetition, diatonic sequencing, melodic cadence, chord progressions

  • Use harmonic function and voice leading in your own compositions

  • Apply Baroque period figured bass analysis to contemporary and traditional classical music

combination voice & piano lessons

young woman playing a white upright piano

We provide an economical and time-efficient way for students who wish to learn to play piano and sing to combine their lessons in a number of ways. Students may do so all in the same lesson, splitting up the time, vary lessons weekly, or take more than one lesson per week.  Any combination is feasible.

It is a great way for children or adults to be exposed to a variety of opportunities, and to discover where their natural affinities lie. Combination piano and voice lessons help provide a more cohesive understanding of note reading and music theory as it is applied to both disciplines. Combination lessons also make a great gift when one isn't sure what instrument will appeal to the receiver.

Who takes combination lessons?

  • Singers Who Want To Accompany Themselves On Piano

  • Pianists Who Want To Add Singing To Their Resume

  • People Who Are Exploring Their Options & Want To Get a Taste Of a Variety Of Instruments

  • Composers & Songwriters

Piano Lessons for Teens
Music Theory & Musicianship Lessons
Combination Voice and Piano Lessons

Online piano lessons

woman wearing headphones, using laptop and piano keyboard

All of our piano teachers and our voice & piano teachers offer online piano lessons for adults, kids and teens.  The Covid-19 pandemic made it necessary and now it's become a convenience that many of us continue to rely on.  While it's always preferable to do in-person lessons, we understand that it's just not always possible to go to a teacher's studio.  Luckily, technology has improved considerably when it comes to online music lessons, and many of the issues in this type of instruction have been mitigated.

There are a few adjustments that must be made to one's settings if using Zoom, however.  We encourage students to refer to our guide on Optimizing Zoom Settings for Lessons and make those adjustments before your first lesson.

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