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About Us

How we began...

In 2000, Lori Moran's private voice and piano lessons studio in Los Angeles was thriving, with a long waiting list.  Lori didn't feel comfortable referring students to any of the various teaching studios in Los Angeles where teachers receive only a fraction of the tuition being charged, while the majority was used to cover the studio's overhead costs, because in most cases, these studios were staffed with very inexperienced teachers who were willing to accept next to nothing for their teaching services. 


So, Lori called on some of her closest colleagues with whom she had worked professionally, and asked if they had room in their own studios to take on more students.  One by one, the circle of teachers grew as the need increased, giving rise to the Lori Moran Music consortium, and we've been going strong ever since. 

We are all Independent Teachers 

We all set and collect our own fees (although we all do try to stay within very close range of the rates published here on the website).  There is no overhead to be paid to a studio administrator because we all make our own schedules, collect our own tuition, have our own independent studio locations, and don't need to pay for centralized facilities.

Why should this matter to you?

Because you can be assured that your tuition dollars go further with us than anywhere else.  Since we are independent teachers and not studio employees, your tuition dollars go directly to your teacher and NOT to studio overhead.  As a result, you are getting the highest level of instruction from the most dedicated, experienced, and qualified instructors.

There is strength in numbers!

And because we are a consortium, you are also getting the benefit our group dynamic, which includes combined masterclasses, recitals, workshops, and competitions.  Our teachers collaborate with each other to give our students the advantage of each other's experience. 

But please, don't just take our word for it.  Read some of our many student and parent TESTIMONIALS!

What Makes Us Different

Our Teachers

The vocal teachers and piano teachers at Lori Moran Music are college-educated professional musicians, experienced in teaching all levels of performance and musicianship. 

Barbara Dyer 2022_edited.jpg
Suzanne Lukather
Diana Walker-Neve 8x10_edited_edited.jpg

Dr. Gayane Avakian
Piano, Music Theory

Richard Berman
Piano, Music Theory
Westwood/Beverly Hills

Dr. Barbara Dyer
sic Music Theory

Shannon Kauble
Voice, Piano,
Music Theory

Suzanne Lukather
Voice, Piano,
Music Theory

Diana Walker-Neve

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