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Whether for your own enjoyment, or for a professional career in music, public speaking, or acting, we can help you find your true voice and show you how to improve your singing and speaking ability through scientifically proven techniques. Voice Lessons and Vocal Coaching Sessions are available on an individual or group basis (see Group Voice Lessons).


We offer Online Voice Lessons worldwide, via Zoom, Skype & FaceTime.  Voice lessons for adults, children & teens are offered in our studios in Los Angeles, Pasadena, Torrance and Cerritos. For those who wish to combine singing lessons with piano lessons, we have teachers who offer Combination Voice & Piano Lessons in Pasadena and Cerritos..  Group Voice Lessons are available as well.

Voice Lessons

voice lessons for adults

We offer voice lessons tailored to meet your personal vocal needs.  Students of all experience levels are welcome, from beginners to professionals. Our voice teachers are experts in solid, scientifically-based classical vocal technique, but we also encourage and enjoy working in a variety of styles and genres, including jazz, pop, musical theater, country, rock, etc..  We coach singers in proper breath support and control, unifying the vocal registers, healthy belting, vocal mix, "chest" voice, "head" voice, vibrato, legato singing, good diction, beautiful resonance, vocal health and longevity.

young woman singing in voice lesson with instructor and pianist
  • Learn how to sing in tune, stay on pitch and stay in tempo.

  • Learn to achieve a unity of tone & power throughout the entire voice, avoiding the vocal "breaks" so commonly heard in untrained singers.

  • Build your "legit" voice, develop a strong belt voice the healthy way, and increase your vocal range and power.

  • Learn to project a clear and pleasant singing and speaking voice with proper breath support, proper phonation and balanced resonance.

  • Discover the various colors of your voice, and build your repertoire of music from all periods and styles.

  • Learn successful audition techniques and work out material with a vocal coach to prepare for auditions.

  • Eliminate the danger of vocal strain and damage, and build a solid foundation for a lifetime of healthy singing & speaking.

  • Develop confidence in your singing and take advantage of the opportunities we provide for live and recorded performances.

voice lessons for kids

Children's voices need special attention and care, and our voice teachers have the expertise to guide young singers through the process of vocal development without worry of strain or damage.  And we know how to keep lessons FUN and engaging! 

In addition to basic vocal concepts, such as posture, breathing, diction, and tone quality, we work with students on musical proficiency and encourage creativity.  

Performance opportunities are provided to students through our virtual and live recitals, concerts and vocal competitions.

Instructor teaching voice lesson to a child

voice lessons for teens

woman sitting at piano, teaching voice lesson to young woman

Voices go through many changes during puberty and the teen years.  No one knows that more than teenage boys who go through the embarrassment of uncontrollable cracking in their speaking and singing voices.  But teen girls also face special challenges during this time. 


Teen singers need specialized guidance of experienced voice teachers with unique understanding of the growth process as it relates to the vocal mechanism, as well as the emotional and psychological changes that are taking place during this time, and how that affects their  vocal  development .

The voice teachers at Lori Moran Music take these factors into consideration to  prepare a specialized curriculum for each student, tailoring lessons to meet the student's particular needs and musical goals. 

Through step-by-step vocal exercises, we further expand on the solid foundational concepts of breath management, tone, diction, intonation, and bridging the low and high registers.  We continue building students' musical proficiency and performance skills, giving them the confidence needed to go on stage and put all this vocal training to effective use.  We encourage students to step out of their comfort zone, exploring new styles and genres of music, and are just as thrilled as our students are when they exceed their own expectations.  

Performance opportunities are provided to students through our virtual and live recitals, concerts and vocal competitions.

combination voice & piano lessons

young woman playing upright white piano

We provide an economical and time-efficient way for students who wish to learn to play piano and sing to combine their lessons in a number of ways. Students may do so all in the same lesson, splitting up the time, vary lessons weekly, or take more than one lesson per week.  Any combination is feasible.

It is a great way for children or adults to be exposed to a variety of opportunities, and to discover where their natural affinities lie. Combination piano and voice lessons help provide a more cohesive understanding of note reading and music theory as it is applied to both disciplines. Combination lessons also make a great gift when one isn't sure what instrument will appeal to the receiver.

Who takes combination lessons?

  • Singers Who Want To Accompany Themselves On Piano

  • Pianists Who Want To Add Singing To Their Resume

  • People Who Are Exploring Their Options & Want To Get a Taste Of a Variety Of Instruments

  • Composers & Songwriters

online voice lessons

All of our voice teachers and our voice & piano teachers offer online voice lessons for adults, kids and teens.  The Covid-19 pandemic made it necessary and now it's become a convenience that many of us continue to rely on.  While it's always preferable to do in-person lessons, due to the nature of singing and the specific acoustical properties of the voice being relegated to the quality of one's computer equipment and internet speed, we understand that it's just not always possible to go to a teacher's studio.  Luckily, technology has improved considerably when it comes to online music lessons, and many of the issues in this type of instruction have been mitigated.

woman teaching online voice lesson on her laptop

There are a few adjustments that must be made to one's settings if using Zoom, however.  We encourage students to refer to our guide on Zoom Settings for Music Lessons and make those adjustments before your first lesson.

group voice lessons

Not ready to jump into one-on-one private voice lessons? Or do you sing with a group that needs some fine-tuning? Group voice lessons may be the answer for you. Learn the fundamentals of vocal technique in a low-stress, supportive group environment. If you and a friend (or more) would like to take group lessons together, let us know, and we'll set up a day and time that works for you. We can help you get your duet, trio, quartet, or larger ensemble singing together in perfect harmony.

choir performing on stage

We have had years of experience working with large and small groups. The same vocal techniques and skills used in individual lessons are applied in group lessons, but special attention is given to the group blend, balance, and tuning.

Lessons for your group may be scheduled in 30, 45 and 60 minute sessions, weekly or on an as-needed basis, in our studios, in your home, or other rehearsal space.

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