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Cleanfeed - The Audio Enhancer

Updated: Aug 7, 2022

When using Zoom for singers, do high notes or very low notes get dampened?

Or do you have problems not hearing when two people talk or sing at the same

time on Zoom? I was having those problems last March when the pandemic began.

I knew it was possible to give #voicelessons over the internet, but I was not the only #voiceteacher who needed to fast track my digital and internet knowledge and skills.

woman with short curly brown hair, looking at a laptop, where a young woman is singing online
Dr. Barbara Dyer, voice teacher in Torrance, CA

At our university we are using Zoom Audio and Video Conferencing, which was a good beginning, and I was glad to have something to be going on with. But soon, frustrations surfaced not hearing my sopranos high Gs (G5). I would hear a shard of the note and the program would “Zoom” in and extinguish the sound!

To the rescue came #Cleanfeed Pro, an ‘audio enhancer’ program that solved these problems listed above. Cleanfeed runs in (currently, only) Chrome browser while Zoom operates as a separate app. We allow Cleanfeed to be the audio while we DO NOT use the audio of Zoom (when the Zoom window arises inviting, “Join with computer audio”, do not click that, just close out the window). Now, you are using Zoom for visual and Cleanfeed for audio.

One limitation to Cleanfeed and Zoom working together is recording the lesson is more arduous, due to the separate sources; I surmise it can be done but it would involve putting the audio and video files together with a video editing program - something I’ve never done.

Because of Cleanfeed, I can hear my sopranos sing D6, E6, etc.! (Queen of the Night aria!) It is quite wonderful! Cleanfeed transmits more aural clarity working with Zoom, and if student and teacher sing/talk at the same time, they can still hear what each other are saying. Cleanfeed Pro for educators costs $22.00 per month. And there is also a free version that would show you the difference in sound. Try it out!

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