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Good Luck, Nolan!

Updated: Oct 24, 2022

During many years of my teaching experience I was blessed by having a number of very talented, bright , nice #pianostudents, who were not only learning from me, but teaching me to be a better teacher and person.

Certificate from National Federation of Music Clubs Superior Rating

One of them is Nolan Brown ( I am very proud of being his piano teacher for over 11 years ), who has just graduated from High School as one of the best achievers in all academic disciplines, sports and music - over the years taking part in school Symphony Orchestra and Jazz Band as an accomplished #pianist and bass player.

Nolan also had received several times the Highest Achievements Certificates and Cups ( as my piano student ) from Junior Festival - annual event of the #NationalFederationofMusicClubs.

Now he is heading to Redland University College to continue his studies and his growth as a multitalented, beautiful human being.

Good Luck in pursuing any career in his life!

It is impossible to stress enough about the very important role of the family in child's intellectual and spiritual development, and here I want to express my biggest gratitude to Nolan's parents and to whole family of the very intelligent and highly educated people for giving him the opportunity to study #music over the years, learn to love , understand and compose his own music in any style: folk, pop, jazz, and especially #classicalmusic - the foundation of it all, even though he will not become a professional musician.

But he definitely has a talent for that, please, believe me.

Good Luck, Nolan!

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